The Top 2023 Haircut Trends

These Top 2023 Haircut Trends Put a Modern Spin on the Classics


The Octopus 

This cut resembles a classic shag and exemplifies the fine line where grunge meets glamour. This cut has wispy bangs, layers at the top of the head, and  length at the bottom

The Shag

Shags are great for all different hair types — and the wilder the better. Instead of using products to tame that frizz, do it up, with beach hair vibes, crazy colors and patterns.


The Mixie

This will be the 'cool girl' cut for 2023." The Mixie, is a hybrid of a mullet and a pixie haircut, usually sits two to three inches long at the base of the neck.

The Box Bob 

This cut differs from other bob haircuts because it has blunt, sharp ends and one length all around that creates fullness and body.

Butterfly Cut

This is layered cut that gives a feathered look that resembles a butterfly wing.

Layered Curve Cut

Not sure what a layered curve cut looks like? Think: Jennifer Lopez, who has worn this look time and time again throughout her career. Whether she wears her curved layers long past her shoulders or cropped by her neck, the star has perfected the haircut by adding curtain bangs. 


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