Our Mission

Our mission is to establish lure salon as a leading salon. We will fulfill this mission by following the lure salon principles as we grow.

Lead By example by providing a great work culture and a relaxing one for our clients by treating each other and our clients with kindness and respect.
Unite to apply highest level of excellence by going above and beyond.
Respect our community and environment and positively to our community through acts of charity and striving to buy, sell and use eco-friendly products.
Education is key. Recognize that continuing education is essential for our success, we invest in our success by learning the latest trends and the latest technology to expand our knowledge and to implement within the salon.

Lure Salon is a hair salon dedicated to consistently provide the highest quality of customer service along with the highest skilled and experienced hairstylists in the business. We continually exceed our client’s expectations, through the service and personal attention they deserve, all in a warm, friendly and “green” environment. We will also provide a positive and rewarding atmosphere for our employees with the opportunity for learning and personal growth. With equal opportunity, for all without discrimination based on race, color, age, gender national origin or religion. Creativity and innovation are always encouraged and is essential for the growth of lure salon. Above all, employees will be provided the same concern, respect and caring attitude within the salon that they are expected to share with our clients.

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