Detox Your Hair and Your Mind

How to Detox Your Hair and Scalp with Salon-Approved Treatments

Doing a hair detox is important to your scalp health. Product residue and naturally-occurring oils build up over time, and as a result, hair starts to lose its bounce, brilliance, and luster. If you suffer from an itchy or flaky scalp, you are overdue for a hair detox. 

In addition to regular shampooing, in-salon treatments are necessary for deeper cleansing. Kelastase Poudre Detox Treatment cleanses hair of pollutants and adds nutrients, relieves irritation and leaving you with vibrant, hydrated, rejuvenated tresses. 

What Are the Signs You Need a Hair & Scalp Detox Treatment?

  • You use a lot of styling products— Styling products accumulate on the scalp and create a layer of built-up that needs deep cleansing to restore the balance of your hair.
  • You live in a polluted area — City air, especially, is contaminated with smoke, smog, and particulate matter that your scalp absorbs even more than skin on the rest of your body.
  • You feel like your scalp is itchy or flaky— An accumulation of too substances (even dead skin cells, an entirely natural and unavoidable phenomenon) can cause the scalp to itch; and worse, giving into the itch can cause residue to shed in flakes, like dandruff.
  • Your hair gets dirty very quickly — It's simple: Excess oil makes hair greasy.
  • You notice the hair is thinning or falling — Buildup can clog hair follicles. Damage to hair follicles can result in fragile hair or skin conditions like folliculitis.
  • Your hair doesn’t smell fresh — Too much residue can change the pH of your scalp and cause it to overproduce sebum, making it a potential breeding ground for bacteria and yeast, which can cause an unpleasant odor.

What Are the Benefits of a Hair & Scalp Detox?

  • Better breathability -Removing the suffocating layer of buildup and residue will allow your scalp to finally breathe, providing you with a sense of relief.
  • More benefits from care products- With your strands and scalp no longer congested, they'll have more capacity to absorb hair care products that hydrate and nourish, promoting overall hair health in the long term.
  • Hair (re)growth - Unclogging those follicles gives your hair and scalp the environment it needs to grow healthier and thicker.
  • Relief from irritation -Flakiness and itchiness are likely to fade away once buildup has been cleared.
  • Fresher-smelling hair — No oil buildup means no unpleasant residual odor and, what's more, a better chance of hair hanging onto pleasant scents in hair products.


Haircare Repair Products

Once you complete your detoxing ritual in salon, it is essential to maintain a proper routine even at home. Ask your hairdresser for advice on which products are best suited to your hair status or try these:

Detox Moments for Your Mind


Of course, your hair isn't the only thing susceptible to stress from buildup and neglect. You can begin to lose your luster, too, without routine wellness rituals to refill your cup. Take the time to detox your mind with these old faithful mental health habits.
Set aside time to meditate and restore emotional balance; take notice of your thoughts and feelings that arise throughout the day, giving them space to be and to pass without judgement.
Activate your parasympathetic nervous system, the system that takes over when the body is at rest, with a deep breathing exercise like the four-two-four method (breathe in for four, hold for two, breathe out for four).
Yoga has been proven to lower stress hormones and boost feel-good brain chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins.
Pausing for a cup of tea gives the brain a break from work, stress, or whatever might be troubling you, and it gives you an excuse to socialise (another demonstrated mood booster!).
Find a ritual that works for you, perhaps journaling or a nightly facial massage, that relaxes your mind and improves your resilience to everyday adversity.